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5.Creative Wall Art Ideas to Breathe New Life Into Your Home
PDT : 05/10/2016 Author : Nelson

Looking for new ways to freshen up your space? These wall art ideas offer the biggest impact in a room. When designing a home’s interiors, many people focus on furniture, accessories and rugs. But the walls are often the largest piece of real estate in a room. Give your place personality by getting creative with your wall art.
The latest trends in wall art involve large, powerful pieces, but they don’t have to be unwieldy. A collection of smaller pieces arranged in triptych fashion or as a gallery wall can create the same effect as a large piece.
You don’t have to spend a fortune on art for your walls. Make creative use of found objects to create a one-of-a-kind piece of wall art for any room; paint the wall a bold color to make your art pop.
Here are some wall art ideas for any room.

Gallery Wall Art

Hang a grouping of your favorite pieces and objects on a bare wall for the ultimate in wall chic. Gallery wall Pleates are a high-design, personalized way to give your walls new life. Not sure how? Check out our post on the art of hanging a gallery wall; it has lots of ideas that go beyond framed photos.
Dimensional Wall Art

Try using different materials and elements as wall-mounted sculptures to add some shine and elegance.The latest on-trend tones to update your room’s decor involve a combination of silver and gold. Try hanging metal wall sculptures in unexpected ways, such as angled or freeform.
 Bold Wall Art
The hottest look in wall art involves large artwork. Hang an oversized canvas on a main wall to create maximum visual impact. Use large, bold art as a focal point in the room. Tie in other room accents to the colors in the artwork to achieve a pulled-together look.